What are the last three songs you listened to?

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  1. dearauds reblogged this from oneaboutyou and added:
    -Sex Therapy: Robin Thicke -Wet the Bed: Chris Brown -Neighbors know my Name: Trey Songz
  2. clarkeallen answered: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home/Foster The People - Pumped up kicks/Coldplay - Paradise
  3. justjulietbravo answered: Look At Me Now, Rolling In The Deep, Sunday Morning
  4. irishluck92 answered: Before the dawn by evanescence, swing life away and roadside by Rise Against
  5. bearorgans reblogged this from oneaboutyou and added:
    Trophy Scars - Hey Kiddo! Heavy Heavy Low Low - Eating The Porridge, Killing The Bears Modest Mouse - Tiny Cities Made...
  6. the-contrary answered: Beard Lust by Brite Futures, Cha Cha by Balkan Beat Box, and Born This Way by Lady Gaga
  7. invisiblecards answered: in reverse order: Also Frightened (animal collective), love like a sunset (pheonix), Demons in the grain (my old band)
  8. sordidmasterpiece answered: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
  9. unresponsiveheart answered: i don’t want you to go-kyla, the man who can’t be moved, happy people
  10. the-flowers-are-fake reblogged this from oneaboutyou and added:
    lovefool - the cardigans blue monday - new order phantom, pt. II - justice
  11. theblackhylian answered: Counting Stars - Nujabes. I only listened to one song today.
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