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    I only know three.English, French and Arabic.
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    fluent in Tagalog, English, French. also know a filipino dialect well. trying to learn more spanish, i understand a lil...
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    The story of my life when it comes to languages, got it. Here goes, in the order of fluency for the most part. Number...
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    IC: Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, German, and some French and Italian ooc; English, some Spanish, some French,...
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    IC: pretty much all of the Slavic languages, French, English (if he really has to, out of principle he tends to steer...
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    ooc: IC can’t respond so! he speaks Croatian, Hungarian, German, and still knows a bit of Italian. ;w; while I can only...
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    IC: Taiwanese Hokkien, Mandarin, Hakka, Japanese, English, most of the living Formosan languages. Also Teochew,...
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    English, Tagalog, and if learning it counts then French
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    Romanian,Italian,English,French,Spanish. Aw yis.
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    English, Dutch, learning French. I used to speak very good Spanish, but I stopped using it and have subsequently lost...
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    What the hell have I been doing with my life? English, bits of Mexican Spanish, bits of French, and enough German to get...
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    English (Fluent), bits and pieces of Japanese, Chinese, Elvish, and Spanish. I’m still in the process of learning...
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    English, French, Elizabethan English, rudimentary Japanese/Spanish/Italian and Draconic. Although, I am fluent in...
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    English, French, Jibberish, Japanese..
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    Spanish and English, and maybe some japanese but I haven’t go to classes since last year so…
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    Spanish, English and very basic French
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    Portuguese, English, studying Spanish and swear words from many languages (principally Italian, thanks to you Ezio )
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    English and enough French, Italian and Japanese to ask my way to the beach.
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    English Mandarin Chinese (I took 4 years, but I’m rusty) Some Dutch.
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    Portuguese, French, English and some Spanish….
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    English, Spanish, Portugese, and slowly but surely Japanese
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    British & American English, a bit of Spanish, a bit of Japanese, a bit of French, a bit of German, and Sarcasm
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    English, some Spanish, less Japanese, and a few words of lovely, lovely Swahili.
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    English, Sarcasm, enough French so that I can successfully communicate with a French person in French for half an hour...
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    German, English, a bit of Spanish an a bit (more than a bit hopefully) Japanese.
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    English. Just English. I’m beginning to become displeased with how uneducated and thick I am.
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    Portuguese, English, some Spanish and some Japanese :3
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    :P English(Fluent), Spanish(Mostly fluent), Italian(Not so much), Latin(Few words & Basic sentences), and Hebrew(Fuck...
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    English, French, Sarcasm, Derp and little Japanese.
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    English and Chinese! I understand Spanish, but can’t speak a word. : /
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    English and I’m in the process of learning Japanese.
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    ^ I don’t speak it perfectly though xD But I had German classes for a few years in school and I live close to the border...
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